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Become a STEM Fuse Ambassador!

Many of you are talking about STEM Fuse – we want to say thanks!

STEM Fuse is honored to work with many talented teachers and terrific schools across the U.S.  We are often asked by educators who teach and enjoy our courses, and share our same passion for promoting STEM education, about opportunities to speak on our behalf.  Whether that means holding a professional development & training seminar on a STEM Fuse course(s), speaking at a local, state or national conference or just at informal gatherings and social events, we are grateful to have your help and want to reward our “Ambassadors”!

We feel like it’s the least we can do to help you spread the word about us.  Our Ambassador Program lets us reimburse you for your time and expense, gives you access to our library of presentation materials and even provides additional rewards for helping us spread the STEM Fuse word. 

Maybe you plan on speaking about STEM Fuse already, or like our courses and want to help us spread the word or are even just looking for a part-time / summer job.  Register as a STEM Fuse Ambassador and learn how we will support you!

Upon registering you will receive an email that will spell out the specifics about our Ambassador Program. You will be contacted by one of our STEM Fuse Regional Directors who will work with you to ensure your success in our Ambassador Program.  Thank you and welcome to the club!